Critter in the lawn

We keep your lawn critter-free

Baby playing in a pest free lawn

Destructive grubs are no match for our team

Your lawn is at risk when grubs make their way to your yard. In fact, the USDA states that the white grub may be the most damaging insect for your turf. These beetle larvae live below the soil surface, eating the root systems of your plants.

Preventative treatment is the most effective way to control grubs. We apply grub treatments in the early summer, killing these pests before they destroy your lawn.

Enjoy a pest-free lawn this year

You’ll enjoy your yard all year with our perimeter pest control service. Think of our treatment as a life preserver for your home. Your home will be treated with an uninterrupted barrier against unwanted pests.

You can live free of common insects like spiders, centipedes, millipedes, ants and crickets.

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